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Clients Transformations + Progress


WOW!💥 incredible progress from my Az Fitness Coching client Rachel 5 weeks into her program and 10 pounds down! A HUGE well done! 4 pounds away from her target of 1 stone! Incredible - This is Az Fitness💪🏿💥


Incredible work by Louis on the Az Fitness Coaching program! We’ve reached our goal of losing a stone in just 8 check ins! Smashing work pal! - This is Az Fitness Coaching - follow just 75% of my instructions and you WILL reach your goal💪🏿💥


Another hard working determined client Michelle! 24 pounds down since beginning her journey! Consistency = results! You either want it or you don’t! There’s no in between! Well done Michele smashing work!😁💪🏿


Super proud of this lady mum of 2 Debbie! 3 stone down between both photos! Despite living life, work, kids she kept CONSISTENT and now looking the best she ever has in years! If Debbie can do it you can do it! Well done Debbie - smashing work


As most of you ladies know the most difficult area in the body to get rid of is “mummy tummy” after your second/third child
So I just want to congratulate Zoey on her incredible progress after her third child just 8 sessions in with Az-Fitness-PT!
Well above target! More gains to come! Stay tuned and big well done Zoey!😁💪🏿



Another one of my “mummy tummy” goal client after her second child! Amazing results! well done Danielle!😁


Lyndsey’s progress so far! All comes down to Howmuch you want it! A big well done!💪🏿😁


Great results from Nat! Came to me wanting to tone up and achieve a more rounder feminine shape around the glutes, hips and as you can see from the glute crease in the bottom left.. the Az.Fitness.PT sessions are providing results in the same leggings! more gains to come.. well done nat!🍑


Ians goal was to solely drop down in body fat and to lean out before his Ibiza holiday and we’ve’ done just that! By dropping from 19% to 12% body fat and going from 209-183 pounds, losing a total of 26 pounds in just 7 weeks! Have fun in Ibiza and see you when you’re back!💪🏿


Great results from 4 weeks training with Az_Fitness_PT from misty, just in time for summer, big well done💪🏿🥇


Great 7 week achievement from my client Anthonet just before her holiday to Jamaica, by training consistently with me and following my nutrition guide, anyone is capable of achieving their desired goals!


Absolutely great body tone transformation from my client Sophie just after 4 sessions training with me once per week.

Her goal was to tone up her tummy and to have a much more rounded glutes (bum)————————————————————— She achieved this by NOT losing a single pound from the start to the end, so she definitely did NOT starve her self to achieve this, I did not tell her what/how/when to eat, she ate with flexibility. —————————————————————
What we did was turned the fat in those areas into muscle! she achieved this by simply pushing herself out of her comfort zone in my sessions and staying under my calorie goal!
And this is my approach to all my body toning clients and as you can see, it certainly works