🎖Trainee of the Week🎖

Each week I provide one client with a trainee of the week award, for clients i feel have either progressed incredibly or achieved a certain miletstone. This is another motivation incentive i use for my clients in order to keep them motivated and ensure their hard work is always recognised.
🎖TRAINEE OF THE WEEK - BLAKE🎖This guy is growing! A big well done Blake for your incredible progress over the last 3 months! Blake’s numbers have rocketed! All a result of his consistency + determination, keep up the great work Blake!💪🏿
🎖 Az Fitness Class member of the week - SHARON🎖 A big well done to Sharon! Another long term Az fitness class member! Sharon rode out of her comfort zone the whole length of the eastern road to avoid missing the class due to the football traffic - Determination! Be like Sharon - Be determined!
🎖 Az Fitness Class member of the week - SUE 🎖
A big well done to Sue and one of Az fitness class’s longest member! I’ve noticed her core strength, intensity and energy in class is currently at peak level! Keep up the great work Sue😁
🎖 Az Fitness Class member of the week - RACHEL🎖 A big well done to Rachel on achieving her target goal of losing 1 STONE before her April wedding! Along side the class she opted in for the Az fitness coaching program which has had a huge impact on her achievement - Congratulations Rachael!😁💪🏿
🎖TRAINEE OF THE WEEK🎖 - A big well done to Taylor for your consistent hard work in our sessions plus your self discipline at home! Resulting in you losing 4 pounds in just 2 weeks! Keep up the great work Taylor, Well done! #RoadtoSummerbody! -

🎖TRAINEE OF THE WEEK🎖A big well done for your recent consistency plus losing a total of 6 pounds last week! You are currently the record holder for ‘my highest weight loss’ in a 7 day period, keep up the great work Jon!

🎖 Az Fitness Class member of the week - JUSTINE🎖
A big well done to Justine! Since joining the Az fitness class, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in her strength, intensity, energy and form in the classes, all of this is due to her consistency, she has not missed a single session! Consistency is key on improving! truly great to watch, Keep up the great work Justine😁
🎖TRAINEE OF THE WEEK🎖 - A big well done to INNA for your incredible intensity and energy in our sessions plus your constant willingness to better our previous week! Leanest, lightest and strongest you’ve been since joining Az Fitness PT - Keep up the great work!😁💪🏿
25 POUNDS! ⬇️
🎖 Az Fitness Class member of the week - SALLY🎖🎖 Since joining the Az Fitness class and attending twice per week, sally has lost a total of 25 pounds! (1.7 stone)
A great example what the term “exercise more, eat less can do!
If Sally can do it, you can do it!
A big well done Sally!😁
🎖TRAINEE OF THE WEEK🎖 - A big well done to Elaine for her incredible progress in our sessions by exceeding our target number and for losing weight in 4 consecutive weeks and now feeling lighter, stronger and energised! Also to mention she completed dry January! #nowine😱 keep up the hard work you’re doing awesome!😁💪🏿

🎖TRAINEE OF THE WEEK🎖 - A big well done to Natalie for shedding A total of 4 pounds in 1 week!😱 keep up the hard work you’re doing awesome!😁💪🏿

🎖TRAINEE OF THE WEEK🎖- A big well done to Nataliya for your outstanding consistency and progress in our sessions - keep up the great work! 


💥Az Fitness PT trainee of the week!💥 A big well done to Jon for so far losing a total of 20 POUNDS since starting your weight loss journey! Keep up the good work!😁💪🏿


Super proud of this lady! Her Progress numbers have flown through the roof since starting our recent program and it certainly shows in her body shape! Absolutely athlete Debbie, always looking to be better than the previous week! Hats off!🎩 A BIG well done and enjoy your holiday! See you soon!😁💪🏿🔥 #supertoned #traineeoftheweek #mumof2


And this weeks trainee of the week.. Debbie Gibbs!🎉 Leaner, stronger, fitter and 6 pounds down! Great work Debbie Enjoy your holiday and see you when you’re back! #stayactive😁


🎉1️⃣ YEAR!🎉Trainee of the week! A big well done to Southsea beach cafe owner Ian Clarke on achieving 1 year with Az Fitness PT! Your strength, fitness and body composition has improved incredibly over the past year! Keep up the good work pal!💪🏿😁 

Zella and I went to surprise my client Ashleigh at her BJJ competition as her family and team mates couldn’t make it, She did great! Silver and recieved the Az Fitness Trainee of the week award😁- a full visual documentary of Zella’s first daddy day care will be uploaded tomorrow! Stay tuned😁👼🏽 #investinpeoplethatinvestinyou 💪🏿