Ladies & Kids Fitness Studio

Cancellation Policy + Trainer Commitment



1) 1-1 Personal Training Cancellations
Cancellations and reschedules must be made at least 24 hours before the session date/time in order for me to save your session otherwise you will lose your session. Due to high demand, slots cannot be wasted.
1B Upon making your cancellation 24 hours in time for me to reserve your session, this session will then be saved and added to the following week, the week after or whenever may suit you best. So for example if you originally opted for the 2 sessions per week, the following week of your cancellation week will intail of 3 sessions (or whenever may suit you best monday-friday). This will then bring us up date with your sessions and ensure your renewal date remains at every 4 weeks as chosen in your package (If you decide to continue to renew)  
However your sessions are able to be paused if you are away for 2 weeks or more on holiday etc. Please provide me with plenty of notice in advance.
If you are confused in any way please let me know so i can explain further
1C) Fitness class cancellations 
All session renewals are on a monthly basis. Your session renewal date will be on the same date of each month. Sessions can only be paused if you are away for 2 weeks or more. Please notify me one week in advance so it gives me the best opportunity to fill the open slot.
1D) My Commitment as your trainer
I understand that it is my duty to maintain consistency so you can see result. So if for whatever reason I have to cancel without a 48 hours notice you will earn a FREE session. Also, if I am more than 15 minutes late for any session, you will also earn an extra FREE session
1E) Client commitment
Finally I understand that this is a an automatic digital signature upon taking on any of Az fitness services. After reviewing if I find the terms unfair or different from what was explained to me I will have an additional 48 hours revoke my Az Fitness service by contact Az at
1F) Media content
During our sessions i may take some promotional video or photo content for social social media purpose. I will always notify you when doing so, However if you prefer me not to at that current moment, you're more than welcome to let me know.