Beach Body Tone class timetable

BBT Series 1 Timetable

  • Our workout exercise series changes every 6 weeks to keep your workouts exciting and your body in continuous adaptation mode.
  • Your coach may also encourage you to up your weight/intensity weekly to ensure you're continuously progressing, however this is completely optional, so please don't feel pressured. Bare in mind our goal is always to bring you out of your comfort zone to again continuously progress on your journey. 
  • Codes: F = Female. F+M = Female + Male. This option will provide 1 mixed class per week in which male participants can book onto a single session to experience a Beach body Tone workout. This also creates a  diverse opportunity to workout alongside your male friends or partners if they wish. 
  • As Beach Body Tone grows, we will add more time slots through out the day to provide you with more flexibility
Day Workout Session times
Monday BBT Full body burn and tone (F)
10am 6:30pm
Tuesday BBT Thighs glutes and abs (F)
10am 6:30pm
Wednesday BBT Boxercise and abs (F)
10am 6:30pm
BBT Full body burn and tone (F+M)
10am 6:30pm
Friday BBT Thighs glutes and abs (F)
10am 6:30pm


Booking your sessions
  • Once you've successfully checked out please download our partner, the Gymbuddy app. As part of our partnership we'll also be using their booking system. Please visit to download their app. Watch the video below for a thorough tutorial on how to book onto your sessions
  • Please note: There is admin fee of £2.50 per month when using the app for our bookings. You'll also have access to Gymbuddy's amazing features and discounts below!