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To lose weight, tone up, increase your energy? Tell us your goal to see how we can help you achieve this. We provide everything you'll need for all body types and fitness levels. All with the common goal of getting you results!

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Incinerate Body Fat and TONE!

Incinerate Body Fat and TONE!

Workout in your own space. No intimidating feeling, no worrying about who's watching you. get comfortably with training in your own private cubicle!

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About us

About us

Hi, coach Az here. After 5+ years in the commercial gym industry, following countless of female client consultations resulting in similar answers, ''I don't feel comfortable training in a big gym on my own - I feel like everybody is watching me - I find gyms intimidating''

From this information, I decided to open a small private ladies studio to cater to female individuals who may relate to the same issue. So far our ladies love the concept. If this sounds like you, come along and try it out! I'm sure you won't be disappointed.